Horizon Innovative Technologies

In line with our Horizon Controls Group mission, Horizon Innovative Technologies has evolved to enable us to remain at the forefront of developing technologies.

With our strategic partnerships and in-house expertise, we offer advanced solutions and products in the areas of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IIoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

For further information or case studies on these advanced technologies please reach out. We’d love to talk about how we can utilize our cutting-edge solutions to add value to your organization.

Mixed Reality

Mixed and Augmented Reality

As an early adopter​ of Mixed Reality technologies and through strategic hiring of computer science professionals, Horizon Innovative Technologies offers industry-leading solutions.

HIT is a vendor independent hardware and software provider in the area of MR and AR manufacturing technology. We apply our expertise in the area of advanced manufacturing, specialized training and simulation environments.

If you are interested in learning more about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training and simulation, please connect with us.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industry 4.0 ​and Smart Manufacturing have IIoT as their cornerstone. Advancements in sensor technology and computing power are now enabling massive advances in Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning. Building upon a number of years in the process automation industry, Horizon Controls Group and Horizon Innovative Technologies have developed a strong offering in the area of IIoT and OEE.

We have strategic partnerships with industry leading platform providers that enable us to fully deliver a customized IIoT solution.

Connect with us for case studies on our IIoT capabilities.

Industrial IOT
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

At Horizon Innovative Technologies we embrace the transformational power that Machine Learning has had in a wide range of industries. The increased availability of data, advances in computer hardware, edge computing and IIoT has allowed computational intensive Machine Learning algorithms to be applied to large data sets with lower processing times.

From predictive maintenance to object recognition, Machine Learning is changing the way that industry operates. HIT can utilize machine learning to transform your organization’s data into knowledge and actionable intelligence. Ask us how.