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DeltaV for Plant Operators
DeltaV Configuration for Automation Engineers

There is an immediate and on-going need for the certified training of engineers. Horizon Controls Group offers general and customized training to develop and enhance the skills of Project Engineers, Facility Operations, and Maintenance Personnel.

Just as every solution needs to be tailored to unique needs, education and training programs also need to be customized. Horizon Controls Group's goal is to make our educational offerings as unique as the solutions we custom design for our clients. We collaborate with clients, identify unique gaps, and tailor training to the specific needs of the company.

Our training is beneficial to clients and individuals:

  • Customized training tailored to the specific industry and organization's needs.
  • Reduces client's dependency on continual external support.
  • Empowers individuals who need to use the system on a daily basis with the necessary confidence and knowledge to perform their daily duties effectively.
  • Facilitates faster and effective troubleshooting by Manufacturing and Maintenance personnel, reducing dependency on the automation group solely.
  • Minimizes gaps between academic knowledge and hands on practical experience in a safe environment.
  • Allows for better alignment of skill levels with engineering tasks and costs.
  • Grows young automation engineers.
  • Develops baseline for engineering talent.

Our knowledgeable engineers provide instrumentation training, automation project management, automation project validation, and S88 automation batch control assessment and instruction among other training programs. Learning is provided in the classroom or online, with the capability of remote hosting or on your LMS. Our courses can be instructor led or performed as self-study, in a group or individual setting. They can be classroom based at any of our office locations or at a location of the client’s choice.

TRAINING services