Cyber security is an ever-changing landscape, and part of our approach to Industrial Control System Cyber Security as a Service (ICS-CSaaS) actively recognizes new vulnerabilities as they are discovered and provide reports to owners specific to their unique collection of systems.

ICS-CS - Industrial Control System 

Cyber Security as a Service

With our extensive background in Industrial Automation, we understand the history and recognize the future of securing this critical technology in a practical manner. We adhere to ISA/IEC 62443, applying secure practices throughout our project life-cycle.

Learn more about SAVE10® - Horizon Controls Group categorized list of best practices regarding ICS-CS.

Industry 4.0 increases the opportunities for innovation and efficiency, but introduces threats that both system owners and providers have never faced before. Ensuring the established systems of today and the greenfield systems of tomorrow can function with Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability can seem overwhelming.

While necessary, these initiatives come with an expense that may be difficult to justify and properly valuate, decreasing likelihood of executive sponsorship, commitment, and adoption.
Our approach is to propose value, rather than warn of consequences, by integrating well-established security practices into project execution and operations management. The result is reduction of costs through a variety of facets:

  • Improve Change Auditing
  • Streamline Secure Access Management
  • Increase and Ensure System Availability

The implementation of an ICS security program is managed by using our modular risk assessment (RA) and corrective enhancement (CE) approach:

  1. Focus on most critical or common element of a system perimeter or integral process
  2. Complete Risk Assessment and Corrective Enhancement quickly, producing demonstrable value
  3. Leverage modular win for scalable growth.