Data Analytics

Modern technology has enabled an ever-increasing number of connected applications and Internet enabled devices (IIoT) integrated into control systems. With many business benefits there are also increased risks to critical control assets.  Horizon Controls Group can provide expert guidance on how to tailor existing IT/OT security practices. 

HCG accounts for the unique safety, reliability and performance requirements of integrated control systems.

Find out more about our NIST 800-82 based service including:

  • Developing a business case for security
  • Building and training a cross-functional team
  • Defining a charter and scope
  • Defining specific ICS policies and procedures
  • Implementing an ICS Security Risk Management Framework
  • Providing training and raising security awareness for ICS staff

Cyber Security

Horizon Controls Group can help you define a digital strategy focusing on your key business drivers. 

We use our decades of experience, across multiple platforms and industries, to help you drive better efficiency, increased quality production, higher value. 

With data analytics, machine learning or expert systems we can utilize your previous investments in systems and technologies to enable additional productivity.

Ask us about our latest IIoT offering.

Brian Atkinson - Digital Transformation Lead

Cyber Security

Horizon Controls Group can offer services in the area of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) development and maintenance, Network Architecture Design, Cybersecurity for OT, Data Analytics, and Project Management.

Ask us about our Reference System Architectures.

Digital Transformation

Digital Consultancy

Data Analytics

Digital Transformation can start with a small scale project or be driven across an entire site or enterprise. 

With a focus on the standard approach (People, Process and Technology) Horizon Controls Group offers a systematic, focused and best in class approach to your transformation needs.

Whether your needs are in change management, business process modeling, identifying where you sit in the digital maturity model, edge computing or Artificial Intelligence please contact us.

Digital Transformation

Youssef El-Bahtimy - Automation Information & Systems Manager

For most manufacturers data is an immensely valuable, but often misunderstood or underutilized resource.  In the modern economy and industrial landscape, data is more valuable than ever. 

Horizon Controls Group has the expertise to help you mine your existing troves of data for insights and turn the data into actionable information.

Ask us for more information on our data analytics, machine learning or expert systems to help drive improved business outcomes and heightened operator performance.