Conor Kilcoyne - Process Automation Engineer

​At Horizon Controls Group, we are committed to providing challenging work and an environment where all of our employees can grow as professionals. We offer a plan for employee training and development to maximize the skills of our team and ensure that we are providing superior service to our customers. Along with our positive culture, this means that we can offer our employees not just a salary, but rewarding work, and a path for career growth. We are always seeking the best and most talented individuals to add to our team. Please contact us if this sounds like the place for you!

Hi, I'm Austin... Austin Dean. I joined Horizon Controls Group shortly after I graduated from UNC Charlotte with my B.S. in Computer Science. I’m part of the technology development team where we strive to stay ahead of the curve. We work with new and challenging technologies to further enhance the automation of manufacturing processes. 
I love the social environment that has developed with my colleagues. It's great to get to know so many people with varied interests and hobbies. There is always something new to learn from them! One of my favorite past-times are card games. I was surprised as to how many people within HCG share that interest... now game nights are a regular event within the team.

Matt Strosser - Operations Support

Employee Testimonials

Hi, I'm Matt Strosser and I've been working at Horizon Controls Group since I graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Business Analytics in 2019. As part of the future leaders program, I support operations and business marketing. My role allows me to utilize my business education while getting exposure to cutting edge technologies in the world of automation engineering. 
My favorite thing about HCG is how flexible and supportive the company is  (I was particularly grateful for this when I broke my ankle). Outside of work, I love to play rugby for my local men's club, continuing on from my days representing Notre Dame.


Hello, I'm Conor Kilcoyne and I'm a Process Automation Engineer, I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering from Cork Institute of Technology.  I joined Horizon Controls Group in 2015 and in 2019 I moved to the US and I am based on the East Coast. 
My favorite things about HCG are the opportunities we are exposed to - from the training we receive, the different projects we work on, and how the company is constantly evolving to keep on top of new industry trends. I am grateful for the people I get to engage and work with through HCG. 
Outside of work, I enjoy working out, watching all sports and also playing Irish sports (hurling and gaelic football). I am a big Patriots fan and have gone to a number of games over the last few years.

Austin Dean - Technology Specialist

Richard Sharp - general Manager, Europe

Hi, I'm Richard Sharp and I have been working for Horizon Controls Group since 2018 where I joined as General Manager from a US Multinational.
As GM for our European operations I have had the privilege of managing the EU business. Our subject matter expert employees have allowed us to grow our presence across the Life Sciences industry in Europe.
The support I get from the leadership team is part of what makes Horizon Controls Group a great company to work for.  In addition, o
ne of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing engineers grow and advance in their careers.The benefits of the HCG training and mentorship program are evident in the team we are building.

Outside of work, I'm an active gym member and involved in Rugby as a coach and board member for my club.